" What an INCREDIBLE DAY together with 258 people from KW Portugal 'of the South' for Quantum Leap taught by Steve Rider and then for a Real Estate Business / Team Building session. "  Attendee 

"Extraordinary Person and Millionaire Agent, Steve Rider Thank you for the great inspiration and sharing your amazing life and professional experience, and the knowledge how to be successful and live an legendary life !"   Attendee


“Steve Rider is a great speaker. He is able to connect with his audience, both Realtor and builder sales agents, and keep them engaged throughout his presentation. The variety of information covered in a short period of time offers everyone the ability to walk away with invaluable information to help take your business to the next level regardless of whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran. I would highly recommend anyone in the real estate industry attend a Steve Rider presentation.” ~ Jason Nordin, Associate SMC Director (mortgage industry)

"Steve Rider's dynamic presentation was what all New Home Sales Counselors wish they could say to Realtors to secure the sale without going past it." ~ Ty Joslyn, Builder SMC Director (New Home Sales Counselors)

“Steve’s presentation to Realtors and Builders alike, closes the gap of the misconceptions and myths that may play a part in why we don’t fully understand the benefits that it means to both. I found the information to be very helpful and I will be using it to build my relationship with the many Realtors in our area. As a representative of a Local Builder, I know that Realtors are a big reason why we exist. If you get a chance to hear or better yet see Steve Rider in person you be better educated and glad you were able to!” ~ Jeff Densmore (Adams Homes)

“Loved your marketing ideas and focus on pipeline and referrals. It is our goal to assist our agents in being successful in new home sales and we have found the NHA to be of great value and appreciate this awesome marketing tool for new construction.” ~ Deborah Morina