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Take a look at what people are saying about Steve Rider


I work in the French valley area. This is actually my second time. I'll take one of Steve's classes and I can honestly say that I followed his plan just to use our teachings and almost to a T my numbers matched what he taught.

So I want to say I'm absolutely excited and grateful for staying for extra training. And I look forward to an amazing future.


Gabriel Mcknight

My name is Elena Flores out in like Elsinore, California with KW the lakes.

This is my second time taking five steps to 50 million on week two and it's just been mind blowing. It's a great way to start the new year and get everything going and get refreshed with everything that Steve is teaching.

So I've already picked up so many "ahas" and a couple of listing appointments Just in a week, So I'm very excited to complete to complete his four week session class.


Elena Flores

I've taken quite a few classes with Steve and every single time I learn something new, he always changes it up for the market to use the best tool at that specific time.

And that's why he's not like robotic. So it's really helpful for our business.

So I'm just super grateful that he offered his time to us because it's extremely valuable.


Jaclyn Copeland

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